Barnsley Voice

Who we are...

Barnsley Voice is an association of ALL the stakeholders in Barnsley.

What we do...

Meetings are held every month where members can raise matters of concern and where, together, we can plan an overall approach to local issues. We help address specific challenges, as well as strategic objectives of concern to the area as a whole.

Police and Council officers are represented so we get the chance to work directly with the authorities to create a better place for our residents, shoppers, customers, visitors and staff.


If you're already registered on Barnsley Community Forum, login now and get involved...

  • You can add your comments on matters of concern to you.
  • You can see what other members of the community have to say on specific issues.
  • You can take a look at the Documents Library for detailed information, reports and statistics relating to the area.
  • You can suggest topics for future meetings

If any face-to-face meetings are planned you can see when and where they'll be taking place, so you can come along and meet your neighbours; even if you can't attend in person you can always join in the discussions on-line. The online meetings open approximately 10 days before the 'live' meetings.

Want to Join?

If you live in the area or run/manage a business in this area, you can join today.

Simply hit the "Register" option and complete the form.

You can set up passwords that will enable you to take part in discussions, or simply to remain aware of what others are saying and doing on behalf of the area.

Latest documents

  • Public Space Protection Order and Reporting Anti Social Behaviour [Download]
  • Public Spaces Protection Order [Download]
  • Barnsley Town Centre Evacuation Exercise [Download]

in connection with South Yorkshire Police